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New Cavallini & Co. Vintage Cycling Stationery.

New Cavallini & Co. vintage cycling stationery.

Cavallini & Co. produce some of the most beautiful and fabulous quality vintage cycling stationery we’ve come across. They sell it in Fortum & Mason and Harrods too!

Their “Les Bicyclettes” wrapping paper, produced on fine Italian paper, is almost too good to use for wrapping, unless it’s a present for Her Majesty The Queen. Most of our customers do what we did when we first found it and stick it in an IKEA, Flubba dubba frame, cost 2 1/2p, maybe 5 1/2p, fits like a dream and then put it up on their wall. It looks A-maze-zing.

Well, Cavallini & Co. have now produced a beautiful new range of cycling stationery, including wrapping paper, pencils, cards, sticky notes and notebooks all with their beautiful vintage bicycle images. Every item, is a lovely gift on it’s own.

We also stock a huge range of Cavallini & Co. wrapping paper maps. Australia, France, Italy, New York, Paris, Spain and many more. Again, perfect for framing and looks a gaz-zillion-dollas for just a few pounds. Is that an oxymoron?

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