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Artist of the Month – Beach O Matic

Artist of the Month – Beach O Matic

Beach O Matic. Otto Von Beach. Could there be a connection? Yep. Beach O Matic is the great-great-grandson of Otto and they share the same studio in Stamford, Lincolnshire. But thinking about it, we’ve only ever seen Otto or Beach when we’ve visited their studio. Hmmmmmm. It’s not all as it seems. Could they be the same person?????

Like Otto, Beach O Matic is fantastically talented and very funny. Beach’s work always makes us smile and our day a happier one when we see his work. We love love love his Pimlico Peloton series and even have a complete set available with matching print numbers. That’s quite special and very collectible. You’ll need to email or call us 023 92 455 355 if you’d like to buy that set.

Many of Beach O Matic’s original works are printed in very limited editions. So if you love his work, it’s worth buying now. We have just a couple Brompton prints left and they usually rise in price as we reach the last ones available.

At CycleMiles we think the framing and presentation of Artists work is very very important. These are valuable pieces. All Beach’s work when mounted or framed by CycleMiles is in archival quality, Arqadia mountboard and moulding. It’s the best.

If you haven’t seen Beach O Matic’s work before, we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing his work for the first time. Perhaps, you’ll be a Beach O Matic Fanatic next :-)

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