CycleMiles – Now stocking fabulous Nicky James Bicycle Bags

Nicky James Bicycle Bags

CycleMiles is now stocking the fabulous range of Nicky James Bicycle Bags.

They are made from matt laminated cotton, which basically makes them a sinch to keep clean and waterproof. So very practical.

They all have a shocking red lining, very Louboutin, and lots of nice detailing, including Nicky James fab bicycles design.

The wash bag is huge, so easy to stuff lots of potions in there, but our favourite has to be the Box make-up bag. No more turfing out the whole contents of your make-up bag to find your MAC lipstick lurking at the bottom. Just open the Box make-up bag and you can see everything. Why aren’t all make-up bags made this way?

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