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Phil carrying a bottle on a Hase Pino

Phil carrying a bottle on Hase Pino

“Thank you for the monkii items I ordered. They are really good and have helped me to carry a bottle on a Hase Pino semi-recumbent tandem.

You may want to update your advertising however. Instead of marketing the monkii S clip for Strida bicycles, it has far more widespread applications. Anywhere where the securing bolt has to be offset to one side.

In my case it is perfect for our Hase Pino semi-recumbant tandem, see attached pictures. I’ve attached a bottle cage either side of the seat. The tool roll fits very nicely behind the seat and the mono frame bag is now on my blue Patria in the background.

I’m due to get a solo recumbent in a few weeks (Bacchetta Giro). Depending upon the dimensions of the seat tubes, I hope to be back again.”


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