monkey nuts competition

Ever fancied having a monkii? Or have you got one already and fancy another one?
Well if the CycleMiles Winter Sale isn’t enough for you, and we know our customers are rightly very demanding, we are having a monkey nuts competition to celebrate selling over 1000 monkiis.
So what’s a “monkey nuts” competition we hear you ask? Well, it’s easy. Just guess the number of monkey nuts in the jar (below the rules) to win a complete set of monkiis worth £85. That’s a monkii V wedge £21.75, a monkii mono £20.75, a monkii V cage £13.75, a monkii cage £13.75, a monkii clip £10.50 and an extra set of monkii cleats £4.50.

So, start counting and email your answer by the 31st January 2014 and we’ll announce the winner in our February email. Good luck monkii competitors. The monkii force is strong.

monkii Rules

Rule 1.  CycleMiles is always right.  Well when it comes to judging this competition anyway.

Rule 2.  CycleMiles decision is final and no amount of whining or pleading or swearing or complaining will change who the winner is.

Rule 3. Only one entry per email address and your first answer is the one that will count. So make sure that’s the answer you want to enter into the competition.  No changing your mind. Remember rule 1.

Rule 4. The person who guesses the correct answer or closest to the correct answer will win the competition and the prize.

Rule 5.  If more than one person guesses the correct answer, the names of the people who have guessed the correct answer will be put into a Cycling Cap and the first name drawn out will be the win the prize.

Rule 6.  Only one person can win the prize, but you are all winners in the eyes of CycleMiles, we just won’t give you all a prize. Remember Rule 6.

Rule 7.  Competition entries from CycleMiles employees and friends and family of CycleMiles employees are not allowed.

Rule 8.  International entries are welcome.

Rule 9. Good luck you monkii maniacs :-)



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