CycleMiles monkii cage Competition – And the winner is

CycleMiles monkii cage Competition – And the winners are . . . da da da da daaaaaaa

email competition . . . . Debbie Ghant . . . Debbie Ghant. Winner. Winner. Winner.

Twitter competition . . . . @SparklesCycles . . . . @SparklesCycles. Winner. Winner. Winner.

There were 72 monkii cages in the pile and one petit cyclist. Wendy Tonge. What were you thinking? 0.31?? Stephen Robbie. 64. Ooooo that was close, but no cigar :-( Marion Guy. 66. Oooooo, so close :-(

Debbie & @SparklesCycles, we will contact so you can let us know which monkii cage you’d like.

Congratulations to you both and all the lovely CycleMiles fans who entered our monkii competition.

If your name isn’t Debbie Ghant or @SparklesCycles, we’re sorry you didn’t win. But don’t give up. Keep smiling. We have lots more competitions coming. Including 2 tickets to the Adventure Travel Film Festival in August, worth £76 each. Wowza! So keep an eye on our newsletters, tweetsinstagram and facebook.

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